Valley Railroad Museum

The Museum has been Closed. This page is maintained for reference. Sorry of any inconvience.

103 West Packer Avenue
PO Box 244
Sayre, Pennsylvania 18840

Picture of Class T-3 Wyoming number 5125 on Sayre's ready track, January 1947.

HO-Scale Model Train Layout
Audio/Visual Displays
Gift Shop
Memorials Boards (Plaques)

Open All Year
Friday Evening - 6:30 to 9:00 PM
Tuesday Through Sunday - 12:00 to 3:00 PM

The Valley Railroad Museum displays through sight and sound the colorful dynamic railroad history that made Sayre, Pennsylvania a major rail center and locomotive producer. The Valley Railroad Museum is the home of the Lehigh Valley Caboose repainted in Lehigh Valley Colors, saved from the scraper's torch at Harrisburg, PA.

The museum houses historic items dating back to 1864.

Sayre - A Railroad Town

Picture of the Sayre Big Shop and yard in 1924 with Number 3177 that was orginally built as 912 in Sayre, August 1910.

The din of the Valley assailed one's ears. Beyond the roundhouse loomed the huge massive bulks of the big shop where steam locomotives were submitted to the major operations and stirred back to life. The Sayre yards were choked with cars, great hammering and banging would reach one's ears along with the hissing of tortured flames in the blacksmith furnaces. A rhythmic clangor indicated that the drop-hammer was in motion creating parts of another new "Sayre Built" locomotive. Switchers wheezed and snorted as they shuttled car into car with much bustling racket. Their air pumps, exhaust and whistles squeaked, bellows and piped unceasingly.

The Iron Trail received some of its finest iron steeds from the Sayre Shops. Ranked high upon the list were the locomotives that pulled the track passenger trains - The "Asa Packer," "Maple Leaf," "Star," the sayre Streamlined "John Wilkes," and the equally stunning and beautiful "Black Diamond."

Sayre was a railroad town in the finest tradition. Craftsman and laborers alike from many different cultures and countries all speaking the language of railroading in their daily efforts. The magnitude of their daily hard work was the equalizer that removed the conflicts and replaced them with and extraordinary sense of pride in their work.

The Valley Railroad Museum in downtown Sayre portrays the colorful and dynamic era of history that made Sayre, Pennsylvania a railroad town.


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